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Latest Currency Rates and Money Exchange In Pakistan

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currencie Saudi Riyal 0.00 0.00
currencie UAE Diraham 0.00 0.00
currencie Australian Dollar 0.00 0.00
currencie Canadian Dollar 0.00 0.00

The Best Money Exchange in Pakistan

Muhammadi Exchange Private Limited has been in the business of Currency Exchange since 2003 under Bostan Group with the promise to provide extensive foreign services ,currency rates. It is an ‘A’ category Foreign Currency Exchange Company registered and licensed by the State Bank of Pakistan and the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan. Muhammadi Exchange Private Limited is providing money exchange in Pakistan with quality, efficient services, and effective solutions of currency rates to broad customers as per their requirements while focusing on customer satisfaction in perspective based on its countrywide branches network. A complete currency exchange company that deals in foreign currency notes,currency rates , coins, postal notes, money orders, bank drafts, travelers’ cheques, and transfers known as best money exchange in Pakistan.

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leading Currency Rates and Money Exchange In Pakistan

We've been serving since 1992 and after the implementation of the Exchange Companies Reforms in 2002, we successfully acquired the license to form the company in 2004. To become a leading currency rates and model currency exchange company we provide complete solutions that match the requirements of valued clients and focus on corporate values. It is through leadership, innovation, efficiency, and focus on our corporate values, Muhammadi Currency Exchange is well known money exchange in Pakistan secures the growth and elevation for the future. We deal in all types of foreign currencies across the country with the best currency rates. We are acing it all across the country with more than 120 branches. All our branches are updated and linked with international Forex markets, by using Forex information sources subscriptions like Reuters, Bloomberg online Forex etc. These linkages enable us to better forecast Forex trends for our valued customers. Our services welcome you six days a week, in all of our locations, because our pride is our customer’s satisfaction and trust in us. We simply aim to achieve customer satisfaction while providing a safe, secure, and speedy remittance of money all over the world.


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