UPaisa enables you to send money wherever you want. As a team with U Microfinance Bank Ltd., UPaisa gave a creative answer to all financial problems forthe majority of Pakistan in October 2013.

With one of the biggest operator organizers in the nation, UPaisa gives advantageous access to money-related services to even the remotest areas. Anybody can now effectively lead exchanges through Mobile Accounts or the closest UPaisa shop.

With your UPaisa mobile account, you can easily pay your utility bills, or send and receive money at any Ufone Service Centre. UPaisa ensures that all its clients are provided with an instant, 24/7 service and the money is transferred securely to whoever they want to all over Pakistan. You can utilize UPaisa service from anywhere in Pakistan and even while traveling abroad. It offers the following services:

  • Transfer money to another mobile account
  • Transfer money to a person (CNIC)
  • Transfer money to other banks (IBFT)
  • Pay Utility Bills
  • Make donations
  • Make online purchases
  • UPaisa Mobile Account can be opened simply by dialing *60# or visiting any Ufonecenter or franchise along with your CNIC.

    UPaisa Account Opening Requirements

    To open a UPaisa Account, you need a valid and original CNIC or a Ufone sim card.UPaisa account opening process offers customers convenience and ease. To open an account, dial *60# and present your CNIC at the nearest Ufone service center or franchise. Next, you’ll be given the Account Opening Form to fill, and your picture will be taken. Your signature and thumb impression will also be required onthe account opening form.

    Your UPaisa record is now open, and within 4 hours you will get a confirmation SMS for it.

    You will now dial *786# from your mobile to log in to your UPaisa Mobile Account.

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