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best currency exchange rates in Pakistan|muhammadi currency exchange

About us

Being one of the evolving money exchange companies of Pakistan, Muhammadi Exchange offers services like money transfer, foreign exchange, and payment solutions to Pakistan masses and people around the globe.

Muhammdi exchange knows all the secrets to earn maximum customer satisfaction while providing safe, secure and speedy money transfer, especially remittances all over the world.

Successful and effective cash trade is an extremely rewarding business opportunity that can yield enormous returns if executed thoughtfully, and with a brilliant blueprint and a consistent eye on future business patterns, the task gets more exciting.

We have been in the currency exchange business since 1992 in partners with the Bostan Group. After the implementation of the Exchange Companies Reforms in 2002, we have successfully acquired the license to form the company in 2004 and now offer various services, all permitted by the State Bank of Pakistan and trusted by thousands of individuals and businesses.

Here at Muhammadi exchange, you don’t have to worry about trade rates, as we work day and night to bring the most affordable rates, update our lists regularly, adjusting it to all the business happenings around.