Currency Rates Basics and Importance With Respect To The Modern Era

Currency Rates

After the CoronaVirus Pandemic hit in 2019, the world changed abundantly. The world became chaotic and supply chains started  to slow down, labour markets started to tighten up, with business going down, shops closing, schools shifting to online classes, everything swiftly started to move towards the digitization process. 

 Freelancing, digitalization,and e-commerce took up the escalation rapidly and swiftly. Physical shops started to come online as well and their reach and target started to increase. Amazon became a huge hit for people looking for necessities such as toilet paper or detergent or luxuries such as  soundproof headphones. ‘

Due to this, geographical barriers were distorted and one country could easily order something from another due to the online presence and delivery services. 

In Pakistan, Daraz and e-commerce stores started to gain their expertise and became a centralpoint for shopping as well. 

Remittance From Abroad and Currency Exchange:

Relocating for a better job opportunity is a common and highly practised ritual of the modern times. Sending remittances back home on different occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, eids etc is also done on a regular basis. 

Euro to Pkr

So, if you have shifted to Europe, in order to send back money to Pakistan, a conversion from Euro to Pkr has to be made. 

Hypothetically, if the amount that you are sending is 500 Euros, today on 30th of December 2021, you can convert from Euro to PKR and it will be converted to an amount of 100684.42 Pakistani Rupees. 

Easily convert Euro to PKR and get your money in no time. 

Freelancing  And Currency Exchange

 Pakistan holds the place as the fourth most popular country in the world when it comes to freelancing. Dealing with international clients, an amount of 0.5 billion dollars has been gained in revenue by Pakistan.

If you are a freelancer who loves grasping international projects, one of the major concerns while taking up something new is the payment and their currency rates

Dollar to Pkr

If you have done a project for an American person or company, the payment offered to you will be in dollars. 

To use that in Pakistan, you have to keep a count of conversion from dollars to pkr and then calculate accordingly. 

So for instance, if you need to convert dollar to pkr, it will be done according to the exchange rates for that particular date. 

As for today, 30th of December 2021, if you completed a project and got a payment of hundred dollars, that payment would be converted to Rs. 17,787.93 as per the exchange rates of today.

Dirham to Pkr

Trade – Export and Import and Currency Exchange

Dirham to Pkr is not much of a difference. If you convert 1 dirham to PKR , it will be at the value of 48.43 Pakistani Rupees as compared to today’s exchange rate value on 30th of December, 2021. 

Pakistan has imported Mineral fuels, oils, distillation products worth an amount of 3.8 Billion Dollars in 2020 from the United Arab Emirates, while iron and steel worth 263.75 Million Dollars have also been imported from the United Arab Emirates. 

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