Travelling In Pakistan

Khi to Islamabad flight

Travelling is done for various different purposes. Many people travel from one city to another to meet their families. Others travel from one country to another for business purposes. While many also travel for exploring a new place and a new culture. 

A famous quote by Ibn-e-Batuta states: Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller. 

People travelling within Pakistan have access to many modes of transportation like cars, buses, trains and aeroplanes.

When travelling from one city to another in Pakistan, the local Airlines are preferred more ( if affordability is not the problem) by the people of Pakistan rather than any other means of transport.

The flight time is faster hence it is the quickest way to reach our destination.

The most popular airlines that are trusted in Pakistan include :

  1. Pakistan International Airlines
  2. Airblue
  3. Serene Air
  4. Saudi Airlines Saudia
  5. Air Arabia
  6. AirSial
  7. Gulf Air
  8. Qatar Airways
  9. Emirates
  10. Flydubai
  11. Thai Airways
  12. China Southern Airlines


Khi to Islamabad flight

The Khi to Islamabad is one thousand, one hundred and twenty-four (1,124) Kilometres. When directly travelling from Khi to Islamabad flight, the duration of the flight is two hours and twenty-six minutes (2:26). 

90 flights fly weekly between Karachi and Islamabad. 

The cost of tickets of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) of a Khi to Islamabad flight range between Rs. 6,286 to Rs. 19.105.

If you are not taking  Khi to Isb flight by air, you can also choose to travel by car. If you take the route through National Highway 5, you can reach your destination that is Islamabad, in around nineteen hours. While National Highway 5 is considered to be the fastest route, Indus Highway is also a good route to take. You can reach Islamabad in around twenty hours by taking this route.

Another good option other than taking Khi to Isb flight is travelling by bus. There are a lot of different options to choose from when going travelling by bus.

You can avail of any package and reach your destination at the best prices that range between:

  • Economy = Rs. 3,250.
  • Business = Rs. 3,600.
  • Executive = Rs. 4, 800.

One more option other than taking the Khi to Isb flight is to travel by train.

The most popular trains that travel within the county are: 

1) Green Line:

This train covers the huge distance between Karachi to Islamabad in just 21 hours and 20 minutes. This makes it the fastest train service on the route.

This train offers business class and economy class and the charges range around Rs. 5900 and Rs. 2300 respectively. 

2) Rehman Baba Express:

This train goes through twenty-eight (28) stops and covers the distance from Karachi to Islamabad in twenty-two hours and 30 minutes.

It consists of only economy class and is mainly targeted at the people belonging to the lower class. The tickets range from Rs. 1500 and Rs. 1400. 

3) Pakistan Express:

Like the Rehman Baba Express, Pakistan Express is also very economical and the ticket ranges around Rs. 1500. This train covers the distance between two countries in around 26 hours. It takes around 29 hours and 50 minutes to cover the distance between Karachi and Islamabad. 

5) Tezgam Express: Tezgam provides a huge range to choose from and includes various options.

  • Business = Rs. 5050
  • AC Standard = Rs. 4,050
  • AC Sleeping = Rs. 6,800
  • Economy = Rs. 1,650 for berth & Rs. 1,550 for seat

6) Khyber Mail: This ranges from luxurious to normal ranges and has a variety of options to choose from as well.

  •  Business = Rs. 4,750
  • AC Standard = Rs. 3,800
  • AC Sleeping = Rs. 6,650
  • Economy = Rs. 1550 for seat & Rs. 1400 for berth

Khi to Lahore Flight:

The distance that the Khi to Lahore flight has to complete while travelling is 634 miles or 1,020 kilometres.

The flight time from Karachi to Lahore ranges between 1 hour 45 minutes to 2 hours. 

There are a total number of three local Khi to Lahore flights that are travelling now:

  1. Airblue
  2. PIA
  3. SereneAir

The average fare of a Khi to Lhr flight is Rs. Rs. 35,023 by AirSial.

The average fare of a Khi to Lhr flight is Rs. 15,360 by PIA.

The average fare of a Khi to Lhr flight is Rs. 20,963 by AirBlue.

Karachi to Dubai Flight:

The flight time while travelling from Karachi to Dubai is two hours and 30 minutes. The distance between Karachi to Dubai is One Thousand, One Hundred and Eighty-Seven(1,187)  Kilometres.

Khi To London Flight:

The average Khi to London Flight is 11 hours and 10 minutes long.

The distance that the Khi to London Flight has to cover is Six thousand, three hundred and forty (6340) kilometres.

Khi to Istanbul Flight:

For the past few years, many people have been travelling from Khi to Turkey. Most people go to Istanbul first when they travel from Khi to Turkey.

When travelling from Khi to Turkey, Turkish Airlines and Qatar Airlines are voted as the best airline services. The flight time when travelling from Khi to Istanbul is six hours and 15 minutes. The distance between Khi to Istanbul is  3007 miles or 4840 kilometres.   Khi to Jaddah: The distance between Khi to Jaddah is 1791 miles or 2882 kilometres.When travelling from Khi to Jaddah, the flight time is of around five hours and 10 minutes. 

Khi to Sharjah:

The distance between Khi to Sharjah is  One thousand, one hundred and eighty (1180) kilometres.

The flight duration from Khi to Sharjah is two hours and 10 minutes.

Some pointers for travelling:

  • During the Covid times, travelling has become more strict with more restrictions made. Make sure to follow the requirements of the airlines.
  • Wear something comfortable to wear so that you can have a relaxing flight.
  • PCR test should be done to get on any flight.
  • Keep your luggage as per the described weight for luggage or keep money for the extra luggage charges.

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