Muhammadi Exchange enables you to send money abroad to any part of the world.  If you want to send money to Dubai or send money to USA or even if you need to send money to London, you don’t need to fret anymore. Muhammadi Exchange offers a safe and secure channel to send money to absolutely anywhere in the world.

Send Money to USA

We are adept at providing one-stop solutions for your digital payments and making online transfers that feature secure transactions, prompt payments and by just tapping a few screens on your smartphone. 

Send Money to Dubai

Send money to Dubai without any hassle or tension. Your nearby Muhammadi Exchange branch is ready to deliver an excellent experience to you, whether you want to send money to USA or send money to London. 

Send Money to London

We don’t just focus on speedy and fast services, instead, we aim to provide services that offer reliability, speed, safety and convenience all together to provide a great experience for our customers.

At Muhammadi Exchange, we will discuss with you, the best options, the most amazingly proficient plans for your international money transfers according to different bank accounts. 

Here, at Muhammadi Exchange, we offer transparent pricing without any hidden prices. This results in fair and transparent transfers each and every time without any fail.

You can send money instantly with easy accessibility through Pakistan to various countries through Muhammadi Currency Exchange.

We have branches all across Pakistan and we are a part of something huge, something that continues to empower a massive audience throughout Pakistan to make secure online transactions each day, every day. That’s a strength that incorporates trust within our customers and increased loyalty towards us. 

 Sending Money Abroad

Muhammadi Exchange proficiently creates comfort and ease for our customers and individuals to transfer any payment from an account to any other overseas bank account. Sending money abroad is now as easy as possible.

This can be easily achieved by sending a demand draft or telegraphic transfer to the beneficiary who is supposed to receive the money after banking the draft into their account according to their location.

An electronic money transfer or sending money abroad is determined to be one of the most reliable and credible sources that are used to transfer funds electronically. The process involves moving the funds between the sending party’s and receiving party’s bank accounts. 

Whether it is Personal Expense, Family Remittances, Medical Emergencies, Educational Fees, or any other services, it can all be done easily done with Muhammadi Exchange Foreign Telegraphic Transfer Services.

We have an enormous number of positive and appreciative reviews and a massive loyal customer base. We provide a strong method for online money transfers that helps you to have a hassle-free and low-cost approach to sending money abroad internationally without having to worry about the process.

Reaching the esteemed title of “Fastest Growing Brand of the Year Award 2021″ has encouraged us to be more resilient towards our goals and provide complete and utmost trustworthy and transparent services. 

By reaching the prestigious status of a leading and model company, we strive to offer solutions that complement the requirements of our treasured clients and strictly keep our focus on corporate values.

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