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FOREIGN Demand Draft (FDD)

Demand Draft is one of the most secure mode of fund transfer; being a physical fund transfer, this service follows a bank draft facility. The sender use the bank draft to make a transfer from one bank to another

Demand drafts is different from regular normal checks, and require no signatures tobe cashed in. When you issue a demand draft to the drawer, the money will be debited from your account. Once it is given to the payee and presents it to the bank, the amount will paid out to the payee immediately in the form of cash.Through NBP Exchange, you can easily get your Demand Draft ready!

When to use Demand Draft

* University and other education Expenses

* Medical expenses

* Immigration and consultancy fees

* Family remittances

* Maintenance, etc.


Full name Evidence for the purpose (i.e. University
Home address Original CNIC or Passport (along with its photocopy)
CNIC Copy – Pakistan/Overseas Passport Copy - in case of Foreign National Contact details
Passport Copy - in case of Foreign National Contact details

Terms and Conditions:

• Demand Draft can only be validated for a period of 6 months only.

• In case of dishonoring (in the case of damage) the demand draft, the foreign exchange company cannot be of help.

• Senders/receivers with expired CNIC/Passport will not be entertained

• To refund or cancel the demand draft, make sure you present the original Demand.

• If the Demand Draftlost or stolen, cancel thedraftimmediately with the prior approval of the issuing bank.

• All AML/KYC procedures will be followed as per the directions of State Bank of Pakistan.