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Send Money and Receive Money through Money Gram|muhammadi currency exchange

Money Gram

The world where ubiquitous ATMs, automated banks, and tap-to-pay checkouts are common, there are times when handing over or collecting cash becomes paramount, this is the reason why money-transfer services like MoneyGram and Western Union have gained tens of thousands of agents like Muhammadi exchange in cities and towns around the world. We know how Money-sending services become a lifesaver. You may feel you will never be broke, but stranger things have happened - how about if your child who is studying in Canada needs you to send the rent deposit—pronto? Generally, money-transfer services provide banking services like money orders, money transfers, and bill payments to people who do not have accounts; under the hood Muhammadi exchange, you can use MoneyGram to send and/or money (via hand, bank account, and Mobile Wallet), as fast as possible at your convenience.

As a publicly-traded, MoneyGram is the world’s second-largest money transfer entity, boasting more than $1.45 billion in annual revenue, located in more than 200 countries around the world. Don’t worry! Your money with MoneyGram at Muhammadi exchange is protected and safe, how? Being established and licensed money-transmitter, MoneyGram guarantees to protect your banking information when you make opt for their bank transfer option. Even tracking is also possible, simply share your tracking/reference number to any agent here at Muhammadi exchange, we will share your money location. Being a part of 350, 000 agents, Muhammadi exchange serves as the best yet reliable channel to transfer money either by hand, bank transfer, and/or M-Pesa. To send your hard cash to your loved ones, no matter where they are residing, do bring your Government Issued Photo I.D. (if applicable), the details of the recipient (full name matching their I.D. and location), bring some extra bucks to pay off fees and the currency exchange rate (if sending overseas). If sending to any bank account, do bring the details of the recipient's bank account (name and account number). And, if sending to a mobile wallet, the recipient's mobile number (along with international dial code) is important. By Collaborating with the most trusted money Transfer Company - Money Gram, we bring ease in handing over your hard-earned bucks from the sender to the receiver, and always ensure your money gets the right hands at the right time, and in the most efficient manner!