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Ria Money Transfer service|Send Money Online|muhammadi currency exchange


Ria is a part of Euronet Worldwide that lets you transfer money online, and Muhammadi Exchange is the right place to avail for this fastest cash transfer service in Pakistan. We are glad to be a part of the most extensive network of 397,000 physical locations to pick up cash is one of the worldwide. Here at Muhammadi Exchange, the Ria facility is not just affordable (lowest transfer fees, even no fees at times) but also encapsulates the best exchange rates on the money you are planning to send or receive via Ria; the process is also quite fast and quick, the money transferred via Ria can be received within minutes. We prefer Ria for cash pickups, even bank transfer is also possible but that may eat away some of your precious time.

Muhammadi Exchange offers all the money transfer services of Ria including bank transfer, cash pick/drop facilities, debit/credit card transfers; you can send up to $2,999 a day or $7,999 a month in just 15 minutes to more than 140 countries around the globe - Bank transfer takes more time. Being a reliable service, you can track your online transfer, give your reference to our agent and get the details including the receiving time on hand.

Ria lets you transfer money from 5 countries to 149 countries globally in more than 130 currencies, don’t worry! All your payments and related details(including credit and debit card info) are secured by SSL Certified technology. The money-transmitter uses the models that detect suspicious transactions or activities across the website, thanks to their world class team which works 24/7, monitoring the unusual behaviour on the and keeping a watchful eye on all the money transfers happening under Ria’s hood. By shaking hands with Ria we are providing fast, reliable and easiest ways of inward remittance service which connects you to the sender at any hour of your need in the most secure and scalable manner.