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Telegraphic Transfer is one of the fastest and the most convenient means of remitting funds outside Pakistan. Through Muhammadi Exchange Company Limited, it is easy to send money via Telegraphic Transfer.

Through Muhammadi Exchange Telegraphic Transfer service money is transferred into the beneficiary’s account within 2-3 working days (depending on the corresponding bank).Sender can remit up to 25K $ to beneficiary’s account.

Main Purpose of Telegraphic Transfer:

* University fee

* Education Expenses

* Hospital expenses

* Immigration

* Family remittances

* Maintenance bill etc.

Particulars required for Telegraphic Transfer Sender:

* Full name and address

* CNIC Copy/Overseas CNIC Copy

* Passport Copy in case of Foreign National

* Phone number

Particulars required for Telegraphic
Transfer Beneficiary:

* Evidence of the purpose for Telegraphic Transfer (e.g., University offer letter)

* Original CNIC along with its photocopy/Passport along its copy.

* Ensure the following information is correctly provided.

* a) Beneficiary account number

* b) Bank name and address

* c) Swift Code

* b) d) IBAN/Sort Code/BSB/ABA/Routing number/Transit Number (As per the country requirement)

* b) Bank name and address

Terms and Conditions:

* The company is not responsible for following:

* a) Delay/wrong payment due to incorrect details provided or due to OFFAC sanctions.

* b) Service Charges deducted by foreign Banks- Service Charges will be applied for amendment / correction / tracking of the payment.

* All AML/KYC procedures will followed as per the directions of State Bank of Pakistan.

* Expired CNIC/Passport will not be accepted.

Advantages of using Telegraphic Transfer through Muhammadi Exchange:

* Accessibility: Telegraphic Transfer services are handy and convenient when it comes to the flow of money from one country to another. The transfer of money can be easily carried out by visiting Muhammadi Exchange branch.

* Reliable service: Telegraphic Transfer provides a safe and reliable medium to transfer a heavy sum of money.

* Secure to transfer a large sum of money: Not only convenient, but transferring money through Telegraphic Transfer makes it possible to send higher amounts of money to a different location across the globe.

Immediate Transfers are possible through Telegraphic Transfer:

* Usually, it takes about 2 to 4 days for a transaction of Telegraphic Transfer to be completely processed and completed. In includes several factors such as the origin and destination of the transfer, the type of currencies involved, and the amount cash being transferred. This might take a day or two more than that since Its an International transfer and different time zones, and holidays might affect the process. However transfer on the same is possible often in some cases, but this is generally limited to certain currency.