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Utility Bills Payment Service | muhammadi currency exchange

Utility bill payments

Our Utility Bill Payment service is one of the easiest ways to pay all your monthly bills. You can now pay for utilities such as telephone, gas, electricity, water, cable and digital televisions, internet and more, without the need to go to a bank or wait in long queues. Our kiosks and cash unions take care of your monthly bill payments by transferring money from your current accounts to the utility companies of your choice.

Why use Muhammadi Exchange's Utility Bill Payment service?

It’s convenient.

Our customers save a lot of time, avoid long queues and the hassle of bill payments every month.

Payment planning is simplified.

Customers can choose the number of utility companies they want to pay their bills to. Our customers also have full control over their utility bill payments and can set a limit per payment. They can also choose between automatic and manual payment modes. In case the customer chooses to use a credit card for bill payments, no interest will accrue on the paid obligations for up to 45 days.

Credit cards

With utilities, you can also use credit cards for reward points. Some utility companies charge your bills at no extra cost, while others may charge a small convenience fee to help offset their card processing costs.

Muhammadi exchange bill payment offers its customers the convenience of paying their bills no matter where they are. Customers can bypass the hassle of standing in long queues, following the tightly scheduled timings of conventional bill collection points and the difficulty of running too far places for bill payments.

You can now pay easily through the Muhammadi Exchange service at any time of the day. The transaction happens in real-time, and is reliable and secure. To confirm the transaction, a quick confirmation message is sent to customers, containing each transaction’s details.